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Threatening Behavior
« on: May 24, 2014, 12:30:42 PM »
Over the course of the last year my wife has been stationed by the military at a base in Texas far away from our home in another part of Texas. She befriended the next door neighbor, a retired enlisted service member who is diagnosed with PTSD. He became quite smitten with her and made her many (6) gifts; fixed dinner for her; and did other activities such as going to the gym and horseback riding with her.

During one night last May he loosened the front wheel lug nuts on my front wheel drive vehicle. (In our area of Texas speed limit is 80mph.) If the presumed result of this had occurred the results would have certainly been a terrible, possibly fatal, accident.

I had a verbal confrontation with this subject. I publicly accused him of attempting to kill me which he did not deny. I also told him to stay away from my wife (duh).

Ten months later I found he is continuing to text her on her work cell phone. When I discovered this, I used that phone to text him asking him to call. He called and I answered the phone. As you can imagine, words followed. He stated “I ought to just kill you.” and hung up. Afterwards, she called him and left a voicemail message requesting he completely cease contacting her.

I have moved from our other property to be with my wife. We moved to another house still near the military base she works at. I am told he has moved to Colorado although I can not find where. Through counseling I have learned that he told my wife numerous times that he loved her and she assures me that she refuted his advances. She does state that he told her he thought only way he could have her was if I were to die.

My question to you is: I am in fear of my safety as well as my wife’s safety. Is there anything I can do at this point to lessening the need for your services in the future (by shooting the SOB)? Is there some sort of protective order, etc.? I have filed a police report about the lug nuts, however at the request of my wife it was for information only and not for prosecution.
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Re: Threatening Behavior
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Dear Spoondog,

Unfortunately, you have done everything the law has provided for you. A protective order is a civil court order to prevent continuing acts of family violence. Protective orders come into play to prevent someone from doing something they could not do lawfully, while you are worried about someone doing something unlawful.

Your course of action will involve contacting the police rather than getting a protective order.

Thanks for the question. Hope that helps.
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