Author Topic: At what point would use of force be justified?  (Read 2620 times)


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At what point would use of force be justified?
« on: May 31, 2014, 09:32:41 PM »
I go for 2-4 mile walks around my town and carry concealed. I keep a close eye on anyone else on the road whether in a car, on a bike, or walking. I don't go through any questionable areas. As a young woman I've had many guys make inappropriate gestures, lewd comments, and slow their car as they pass me. I always try to keep walking and keep distance as much as possible. I have run through worst case scenarios and while I don't want to show my gun prematurely, I don't want to do be too late either. I have a bad knee and running away isn't an option. So what types of behaviors would justify me to use force? Should I give any type of verbal warning?
Also, if I had to show my gun do I need to call the police after the threat has left? And do I need to call my lawyer in any event I have to show my gun?
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Re: At what point would use of force be justified?
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Great question Asbandr,

You can only use your weapon if a reasonable person would believe that they were in danger of being the victim of a crime. You cannot use your weapon in response to verbal provocation alone. The circumstances of somebody acting against you have to be such that a reasonable person would say “Yes, you were under attack.”

You do not have to give a verbal warning. However, unless using a verbal warning would strategically hinder your ability to be safe, many situations could be diffused by giving a warning.

In the event that you are forced to display, draw, or fire your gun, you absolutely should call 911 to report the crime that caused you to have to use your firearm. Of course immediately after telling 911 your name, location and what crime was being committed against you, you can hang up, call the TLS emergency hotline and wait for the police to arrive. There is no law requiring you to stay on the phone with 911 after you have given them the necessary information.

Hope that helps.
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