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Traveling to California
« on: July 14, 2015, 01:11:54 PM »
I will be taking a road trip to California, passing through New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. I am female and traveling with a female companion. I don't think that makes much difference to the story except that perhaps we might be more likely targets for certain criminals.  This makes me want to be as prepared as possible and bring my handgun for self defense.

I have read the handgun laws and I am not worried about NM, AZ or NV - but California seems a little bit more of an issue.  We will be in that state for about a week and staying at a secluded cabin for part of the time and thus feel the need to have a handgun available for both animal and human reasons.  We will also stay in several hotels along the California southern coast.  

Since California gun laws are some of the most restricted what if any issues should I be aware of?  I will be taking my 22 mag revolver.  As I understand it their laws restrict semi-autos the most and only allow 10 shot magazines so I have chosen the revolver to get around all of that.  

I will be traveling with the revolver unloaded in a case packed in luggage.  The ammo will be in another piece of luggage.  I don't yet have a CHL so I have no intention of carrying.  I do want to load the gun and keep near the bedside for all hotel stays and while at the cabin.  

Here are my specific questions:

1. If I am stopped for some traffic violation do I need to disclose I have the firearm?  Since I will be just transporting it I think I don't need to volunteer that information unless asked.

2. Since I will be staying in California instead of merely traveling through, are there any gun laws I would be violating with this revolver?  Since I only plan on having it bedside for self defense I think I am okay, but this is where what I have read does not go into detail.

All of this has me worried since I want the gun with me for self defense - God forbid I would actually have to use it.
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Re: Traveling to California
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Just a follow up in case anyone else plans on taking a trip to California.  Saw lots of views on this post even though there were no responses.

I did indeed travel with my revolver.  I purchased 2 simple lock-boxes, using one for my revolver and one for my ammo.  These lock-boxes were able to be secured via cables under the passenger seat.  Each night I would remove the lock-boxes from the car and then transport them to the motel room.

This worked great since it allowed me total compliance with the restricted California laws (gun separate from ammo as I understood it) and also gave me two mini-safes for things in addition to the gun while in the car.  There were plenty of times we left the car for various adventures so I felt safe with the gun secured along with our extra cash and credit cards.  Sure a thief could have sawed through the relatively light cables but I don't think most car thieves would be prepared with a saw or cable cutter.

So it was a great trip and I felt a lot better having the gun at bedside.

Hope this helps someone else.
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