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What would you do
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:56:06 PM »
I wondered if you could make up an online test. Maybe 5 to 10 questions describing different scenarios with the choices of a) nothing b) pull your weapon c) shoot your weapon. or something like that.
I think it would help people start to think about different situations that they could find themselves in and whether they would be better off or not depending on what they did.
I know each situation is different and I also know that this wouldn't be legal advise. I know that what ever the answers would be could be different depending on the person. I guess I'm looking for someway to easily find out if this happened to me, I would be justified in shooting the threat or not. I wouldn't want to ask you about every situation I could think of.
Just a thought.
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Re: What would you do
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Thatís a great idea. We appreciate the suggestion. While we are currently hard at work coming up with new content for our members, we will definitely take your idea into account.
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