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Active Duty Military Non-Resident
« on: October 06, 2015, 11:16:58 AM »
I'm a legal resident of Texas, TX CHL holder, and active duty military member, and I've recently been transferred to New York (Orange County).  I already know that my TX CHL isn't worth the plastic it's printed on up here, but I'm having trouble with understanding the application of some other NY handgun law.  Simple purchase or ownership of a handgun in the state of NY requires a county permit, but NY state pistol licenses are not issued to out-of-state residents.  I find it ludicrous that people should be required to get a state permit to own a handgun in the first place, but the constitutional legality of NY gun law is a whole other can of worms that's best left unopened on this forum.  My unit consists of many active duty non-residents (the majority of them being from Texas), and when asked "what do I do about my guns?", most of them say "keep it locked up and hope you never have to use it".  To be honest, I have a pistol locked and loaded and easily accessible for home defense, but if I had to defend my home, I'm not sure I wouldn't go to prison for it.  So I guess the question is, as an active duty military member and Texas resident stationed in "hostile territory", do I have a legal obligation to register my handguns with the Peoples' Socialist Republic of New York?
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Re: Active Duty Military Non-Resident
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2015, 04:58:39 PM »

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions for active-duty military possessing handguns in the state of New York. You will have to register any handguns you have and get a license to “possess on premises” in order to have them at your home. It may be helpful to consult with the military police on base to see what they suggest and if they are able to store your handguns in the armory.