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Illinois road trip
« on: August 16, 2014, 02:20:04 PM »
I am a current Texas CHL holder.  I will be traveling to southern Illinois and will go through either Oklahoma and Missouri or through Arkansas and Missouri to get there.  If I go through Oklahoma and Missouri, I will probably stay overnight in Missouri.  If I go through Arkansas and Missouri, I will probably stay overnight in Arkansas.  Can I take the gun into my hotel room in either Missouri or Arkansas?

While in Illinois, I know from a previous post does I can keep a loaded firearm in the car at all times, but can't take it into a Illinois hotel room.  Is this true for other places as well such as a friends house?

In Illinois, is it legal to take the ammo and clip with me when I am not in the car?  

In the car, can the loaded gun stay concealed in a glove box or center console within easy reach or does it need to be in a locked container out of my reach or locked in the trunk?
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Re: Illinois road trip
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 05:24:02 PM »
Atec, thanks for the post.  Since you have a Texas CHL you will be ok to carry and go into a hotel with your concealed handgun in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas.  While you are in Illinois, since you are legal to carry in Texas you are allowed to have a handgun in your vehicle as long as it is either broken down so that it is non-functioning, or it is not immediately accessible to you while you are travelling (the trunk is safest place for it), or it is unloaded and enclosed in a container by a holder of a FOID card (this would be very hard to prove).  Once you arrive at your hotel, Illinois law allows a person to have a firearm on the private property of another as an invitee as long as they have the owner's permission.  This would appear to require you to get the approval of the hotel before bringing the handgun into your room.  This could be a risky proposition.  If the private property is your friend's, then permission should be easy to obtain.
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