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Lasers On Hand Guns...!!

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I have a friend who has his CHL and he is trying to talk me into putting a laser on my Glock.  He claims that all he has to do is pull, point and shoot.  If just seems too much trouble when he also has to turn the laser on.  I just don't see a reason to have this and I was just wondering if anyone else uses this on the carry weapon and if so, what is your good reasons.

Well... I don't completly agree with your friend.  It's not as easy as pull point shoot.  I've seen plenty of individuals at the gun range, with lasers still completly miss the targets.  I'm sure the laser can provide some advantages, but if you don't have proper shooting skills such as draw, grip, trigger control and such... a laser isn't going to do you any good in a high stress situation.  And.... like you mentioned, will you really have time to turn on the laser if it's not grip activated?  To me... it's just one more thing to worry about malfunctioning, especially for a concealed carry weapon.  I will stick to my regular sights...

I'm like Kurtpenn - I'll stay with regular sights on my carry gun. Not saying that there might not be situations where a laser would be an asset or maybe an intimidation factor, but in a situation where everything goes south suddenly, it seems to add too many variables (i.e. wrong lighting, don't get turned on, light fails for some reason). Guess I'm old fashioned.

Having a laser on the pistol will slow your first shot by a second or more.  If it is full daylight you will spend time looking for that dot that should have been used to get a round or two off.  At night the dot is easy to see, but you will still pass time looking for it and then adjusting your aim.  Better to learn point and shoot.  Now the laser is handy.  Put your finger over the laser output if you can, then draw and point with an EMPTY pistol.  Then remove your finger from the laser and see how close you are.  Adjust your hand to put the laser on target and then repeat the process.  You will soon find that you are training your hand to point correctly.  Dont try it with the laser on all the time because your brain will automatically adjust and your hand wont learn a thing.   I use the laser only in this way and it is turned off when I am carrying and I wont fumble to find the switch if I do draw.

I think adding as laser adds a second option and advantage of how to use your gun. You need to be proficient at both iron sights and using the laser. Consider a night home invasion scenario. You know an intruder is in your house. You know the layout of your house better than the intruder. You don't want to turn on the lights to alert the intruder and give them the advantage of seeing the layout of the house. You point that laser at the intruder and you never have to find or use those iron sights or give away your position by turning on the lights. I use my iron sights by day and my laser at night.


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