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Open Carry law "tramples on rights of private property owners"?

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An editorial in the Sunday Longview News is taking the position that the Open Carry law is a poorly written law and a burden to some.
The part that caught my attention was the following paragraph; "Perhaps more troubling, this law also tramples on the rights of private property owners. Business owners and others who wish to bar open carry essentially are being taxed through the law's requirement of erecting signs to inform the public of the prohibition."
My question is how else is the general public to know?

I understand their point of view having owned a business in that yes it is an additional expense. HOWEVER it should cost you to infringe on a right so my sympathy is left in the dictionary between sh.. and syphilises.
They should have voted and fought it hard as they are whining about it now. The same can be said of gun owners. You-tubing it doesn't cut it. Contact your politicians and fight in the right arena.

Taxed by having to erect signs? Really? If you're that cheap, print it out on paper and tape it to the inside of the door. It's not like it has to be a neon sign or anything. If you don't want people trespassing on your land, you have to put up "Posted" signs. Nobody complains in the news about that. It's just more of the news media trying to paint gun owners in a bad light.

Not really worth a comment,  but I'm used to being wasteful ..... Have you ever heard the term "liberal press?"   If not, there's a perfect example. 

They could always forego the signs and just inform people that they are not allowed to open carry in the business.  No expense.


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