Author Topic: Suggestion for changes in Texas requirements for re-fingerprinting.  (Read 4973 times)


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Licensees under various state agencies in Texas are required to be fingerprinted by FAST Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas and agree to a DPS criminal history check for licensing. An example is the requirement for FAST fingerprinting and DPS criminal history check for a Texas Real Estate License.

Since such a person's fingerprinting is already of record with DPS, DPS should be able to use that existing fingerprinting for a handgun license application. Evidently, however, DPS requires separate/repeated fingerprinting for a handgun license.

This seems to me like an unnecessary requirement. Applicants should be able to use the fingerprinting they already have on file with DPS.

I plan to contact my state senator and state representative and see about getting that changed. The easier it is for good citizens to get licenses, the more good citizens will acquire licenses and carry a handgun, and so the more that everyone else will grow accustomed to good citizens carrying handguns.
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