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« on: March 21, 2016, 11:11:04 AM »
Does getting something expunged only apply to those that got arrested? I am a police officer here in Texas and I was questioned concerning an allegation when the allegation was not a violation of Texas law. A case number was assigned, I supplied a written statement but the investigating officer said that the allegation does to constitute a violation of law. He said he will present the case to the grand jury without pursuing charges and it will be presented to the grand jury only because I was a police officer. He said it was a very low priority case and that it may take a while for him to present it. My question is, once the case is presented and cleared, can this be expunged since there was no arrest?


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Re: Expungment
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I am not a lawyer but something sounds very fishy here. Why would anything be presented to the grand jury if you broke no law? Sounds like this guy is about to stab you in the back. Get a lawyer, FAST!


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Re: Expungment
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It appears that more information may be needed in order to provide you with an adequate response. Please call in to speak with one of our program attorneys who specialize in these types of law enforcement issues.