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Usage of knife vs gun covered?
« on: September 16, 2014, 05:28:58 PM »
To the lawyers of TexasLawShield-

first of all, thanks. It has given me great piece of mind to have the Texaslawshield card in my wallet for the past year or so. Thanks for that.

One question that i have is this: Is using a knife in conjunction with a gun covered under Texaslawshield?

On my belt, i usually carry my glock 19, and a fixed blade knife (a kabar TDI). I have received training in combatives, and have learned from various instructors on the utility of such tools in close quarters... without sounding like an internet commando... guys like Craig Douglas or Cecil Burch, and John Mosby. The reason i carry the knife up front is so that if I'm in a clinch with someone trying to get positive control/get my gun/throw me to the ground, i use the knife to discourage that. "stabby slashy" stuff. In the event i had to fight someone up close and personal, where i needed to use this knife against the aggressor, but then did not have to use my gun due to the persuasion of the knife, is this still an encounter where i would enlist the help of the fine lawyers at Texaslawshield?

Additionally, are there other things that wouldnt be covered? say i had to use a lamp/bludgeoning device, or Mace/OC spray, what all could i expect as far as impacting the ability to call yall for advice/council?

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Re: Usage of knife vs gun covered?
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2014, 09:51:37 AM »

If your gun is involved in a use of force or deadly force situation, then that incident is covered.  If there is no gun involved then that incident is not covered.  If the firearms defense program were expanded to include all possible weapons, including hands, fists, and feet, then it would be too costly and cumbersome to be effective.  Because TLS is primarily concerned with the protection of firearms rights, that is why it is limited as such.   That being said, any time a member has any use of force deadly force situation, TLS program attorneys are available on the hotline to assist them and examine each situation as the circumstances may dictate.

Thank you for your question.
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