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Academy's Take on Tatical Weapons


This is a chat I had on Academy's website concerning the decision to pull all tactical firearms from display areas in stores and websites.

"Hi, my name is Dara T. How may I help you?
 Barry: Why did Academy remove all tactical weapons from display areas and website?
 Dara T: Hi Barry.
 Barry: I requested an explanation on Sunday and have yet to receive a response.
 Dara T: We are currently selling modern sports rifles, but out of respect for the victims and the tragic situation
in Orlando, we have chosen not to broadly advertise or display these items. Our selection varies by store
and your best source for current inventory availability is by checking with your local store.
 Dara T: As a family and community focused retailer, Academy Sports + Outdoors is constantly evaluating our
business to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our decision to remove modern sports
rifles from display while continuing to make them available to those customers legally eligible to
purchase them reflects that commitment.
 Barry: How does this show respect to any group beside the ones responsible for the senseless killing of innocent people. Blaming a weapon for what a fanatic self-proclaimed ISIS supporter does not set well with the gun owning community nor individuals that request that the correct blame be applied.
 Barry: I am copying your responses to my inquiry/questions so that I may post them to gun owner forums, the NRA, TSRA, and Texas Law Shield Sites. Thanks for responding with politically correct talking points and allowing me the opportunity to let others know where Academy stands concerning the gun owner.
 Dara T: I do understand your concerns, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I will be happy to assist you with checking availability of the firearm of your choice.
 Barry: I appreciate your help and I know that you are most likely not the person that came up with this policy and or misguided attempt to placate the far left but I will no longer purchase firearms from Academy and I will make my best effort to never purchase anything from Academy again. I do put my money where my beliefs are.
 Dara T: My pleasure Barry. I understand. Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
 Barry: No, and I really do appreciate your response and I hope you have a wonderful day. Please do not take any of this personal.
 Dara T: It was my pleasure to assist you. You have a wonderful day yourself. Thank you for contacting Academy Sports + Outdoors."

I had similar conversations with Academy personnel both online and by telephone.

I told them that as a result of their cowardice and political correctness, my family and I will never, ever, not ever, buy anything from them again, even if it requires us to drive miles out of way, to pay a higher price for a purchase, and/or to forego making a purchase altogether.

I have also sworn off Walmart, not for their gun sales policies, but because they automatically assume all customers to be criminals. For many years we were everyday customer of theirs, went into their store and bought something every single day of the year for both personal and business, spent thousands of dollars with them every year for decades. A year or so ago a floor supervisor who found me suspicious for no reason at all snuck up behind me and screamed. Not long before that another employee who had been watching me write on my shopping list while I shopped approached me and accused me of being a "price spy," then tried to take me to the back of the store for interrogation. They are total morons, and they have lost me and my family and all of our business forever and ever.

Just screamed??? Was there any explanation?

Thanksgiving afternoon, she wrongly assumed because of where I was standing, and standing most innocently so, that I was about to grab from behind a cover an item that was to go on sale later that day.

Instead of walking up and asking, "Sir, may I help you?" she instead walked up behind me and literally screamed, "Hey! You can't do that!"

I immediately reported the incident to an assistant manager, and he promised me that I would get a call from Arkansas by Monday. Meanwhile, the witch screamer denied to him what had happened. He promised he would review the security footage and arrange for the call. The call never came.

To heck with them. I'm through with them forever. Academy, too.


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