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Active Shooter Video up for Emmy Award in LA


With all the bad news seeming to come from every possible direction, it may be mentally relieving to see somebody doing something that could possibly help people who find themselves in one of these terrible situations.  My son works for the LA County Sheriff's Department doing their training and community outreach videos.  Last year they did an "Active Shooter" video that he wrote and directed.  This video has now been nominated for an Emmy Award.  I'm sure that nobody involved with the making of the video saw this coming.   I don't know what makes my son's video special, but it seems to be much more appreciated than others I have seen.  The video can be viewed at www.activeshooter.lasd.org.   Of course, my opinion is biased, but people who have viewed this video say they were captivated by it and couldn't turn it off.  I figured it's couldn't hurt to get this video out in front of this Law Shield Forum to see what fellow gun owners think.

Please post your comments to this forum and we'll see where it goes.

Keep your powder dry,
J Kotrla


GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Video....

Outstanding video.  I really liked TLS's series "Run...Hide...Fight", but the LA Sheriff's Active Shooter Video is much more engaging and compelling.  I just wished the guy in the warehouse had pulled the pin on that fire extinguisher a little earlier!

The TLS series is at https://www.uslawshield.com/run-hide-fight-introduction/

Latest development, "Surviving an Active Shooter" won the Emmy award in Hollywood.  Knowing the political make-up of the greater LA area, I was really surprised.  But I can't fault their choice.  On top of that, my son let me hold his Emmy trophy.  Its kind-of heavy --- like a .50AE Desert Eagle.


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