Author Topic: 28 year old son jumped  (Read 16012 times)


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28 year old son jumped
« on: August 11, 2016, 07:50:49 PM »
I live in country nearest neighbor 1/2 mile from me , my 28 year old son was in his car at night and two guys stoped asked for directions, when my son (home alone)walked up to ther truck the pass. Hit him with the car door and jumped him then the driver got out and they wer kicking him in the head going for his keys. He managed to pull the black powder pistol unloaded from under his car seat when the two thugs saw it they ran drove off.  This can happen even in the country. I had given him the pistol and told him to not keep it in his car untill he got a permit in this case it saved him but just as easy could have got him shot.  Hes been in the hospital a couple times from the concussion he got.and i took the pistol back untill he gets a permit, allthough a black powder pistol isnt a good idea to depend on.