Author Topic: Homeless owner & CHL (or now Handgun license)  (Read 1998 times)


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Homeless owner & CHL (or now Handgun license)
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:34:03 PM »
This is a question that may be more then just academic.... pertaining to both drivers license & handgun license...

Let's say a Texas resident owns a handgun and has a license to carry (in addition to the drivers license) ... that person eventually becomes a homeless person. If I remember correctly, the DPS requires a residence NOT just a P.O. Box number to deliver a CHL to in the mail after qualifying...Iīm well aware License holders are required to notify DPS of a change of address...(as well as with Drivers licenses)

I assume a license holder is required by law to surrender the license if they become homeless? Surrendering drivers licenses as well?

Would a homeless personīs possession of a handgun in their vehicle be covered well enough by the Motorist Protection Act?

Would a Handgun license be RE-instated if a physical address/residence were later obtained or would the person have to undergo a reapplication process?

How could a homeless person legally posses a drivers license without a physical address of a residence?


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Re: Homeless owner & CHL (or now Handgun license)
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2016, 05:11:58 PM »

To be eligible for a Texas driver license or identification card, the applicant must be a resident of or domiciled in Texas. If the applicant cannot provide required residency documents, a Texas residency affidavit may be used as evidence of residency in Texas. You are correct that a P.O. Box cannot be used by itself.
The Texas Administrative Code allows as an option for the residency affidavit to be submitted by a representative of a governmental entity, not-for-profit organization, assisted care facility/home, adult assisted living facility/home, homeless shelter, transitional service provider, or group/half way house certifying to the address where the applicant resides or receives services. The organization must provide a notarized letter verifying that they receive mail for the individual.

37 TAC §§ 15.49

Be aware that the department shall cancel any driver license or identification certificate issued to a person who does not prove that he/she resides at the address on record.

37 TAC §§ 15.25