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Zona Caliente Sports Bar shooting in Arlington, May 4th 2017


I don't know how far and wide this story circulated in Texas but a man went into Zona Caliente Sports Bar in Arlington and started yelling and being belligerent.  When the restaurant manager approached him, the troublemaker pulled a gun and killed the manager. From news reports the shooter then fired a couple of other shots before a LTC/CHL holder drew his weapon and killed the shooter. The Arlington Police announced publicly that the LTC/CHL holder would not face charges and in fact was a hero who probably prevented many more dead.  The troublemaker as it turns out had two handguns and a knife.

A great story about the advantages and potential life savings that legal firearms holders can provide. (Yeah Texas!!)  But I was wondering if technically the LTC/CHL holder violated the law by taking a firearm into the bar in the first place.  I guess it depends on whether the bar gets 51% of its revenue from alcohol. If they do, and a DA in Arlington wants to be a prick, I think he could charge him, correct?  Don't get me wrong, I think the guy was a hero and deserves the thanks from everyone in the bar. Just wondering if the DA could charge him.  Anyone know the answer?


According to a news article I pulled up, the police spokesman said the Alcohol Beverage Commision listed the club as a Blue sign meaning it was not a 51% business. He did comment that there was some confusion because there was actually both a red and blue sign posted but said he felt like the red sign was in error.

Surely no DA is going to try and make something out of this!

Thanks Neighbor for the reply.  I didn't see any discussion of the 51% or not so I am glad you found that info.  And while I agree that no DA in their right mind would go after the LTC/CHL holder, there are a few crazy DA's out there who don't believe in the right to carry.  It might be funny if someone tried. They would get excoriated by everyone ....

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) website lets you to search establishments to find out if they have a Red (51%) or Blue sign.  http://www.tabc.texas.gov/PublicInquiry/Status.aspx
The Zona Caliente Sports Bar does show up as Blue.

And if you were wondering if the shooter could be sued by the murder's family, per Wikipedia:
"... two statutes of the Texas Civil Practice And Remedies Code protect people who justifiably threaten or use deadly force. Chapter 86 prohibits a person convicted of a misdemeanor or felony from filing suit to recover any damages suffered as a result of the criminal act or any justifiable action taken by others to prevent the criminal act or to apprehend the person, including the firing of a weapon. Chapter 83 of the same code states that a person who used force or deadly force against an individual that is justified under TPC Chapter 9 is immune from liability for personal injury or death of the individual against whom the force was used. This law does not prevent a person from being sued for using deadly force. The civil court will determine if the defendant was justified under chapter 9 of the Penal Code."

Great info JimBob.  Did not know about the TABC website. Thanks!


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