Author Topic: Apartment Managers having copies of keys to living space of gun owners  (Read 1584 times)


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I have 2 questions to this actually. I live in FL.

1. Are there any laws stating that an apartment complex must run background checks on any person in their employment with access to the keys to residents apartments?

2. What obligations do I have knowing that someone from the complex may enter my space, and essentially have access to any firearms I have while I am not home?

Thank You


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IANAL, but Ive been in the apartment rental business in the past. Your lease most likely lays out the circumstances under which a representative of the apartment complex can or may enter your home in your absence. It sucks, I know. Like you, I wouldnt want anyone in my home while I am not there.

I personally have never heard of any laws in the USA that require apartment complex employees to be subject to background checks, but I strongly suspect that most management companies do pre-employment background history screenings of all potential employees these days, since at some point any employee could be sent into your unit by management.

I am interested to see an atty's response to your question, but I bet you a buck he says there are no laws regarding this.


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1. I am not an employment lawyer, but I am not aware of any laws that require that.

2. There is no liability on his behalf if someone from the apt. complex comes into his home without him knowing and takes his firearm.