Author Topic: Gun Control in the UK - Post Your Ideas  (Read 10211 times)


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Gun Control in the UK - Post Your Ideas
« on: October 23, 2017, 06:33:01 AM »
Post your ideas for gun control in the UK.
Personally, I think there should be 3 FAC types:


For sports (eg. Target Shooting, weaponry study), people should be allowed to own whatever guns they like (within reason - why someone would need a minigun or target shooting is a little sketchy), BUT be restricted to both usage and storage at an approved range/club, ie. not being allowed to take a weapon out of a range. This way, one doesn't run the risk of people being able to take their AR15 out for a shooting spree in the shopping centre, but still lets them enjoy shooting them casually and competitively, in a secure area.

For hunting I think the current legislation in terms of an FAC is pretty solid, but would perhaps benefit from the American-style magazine capacity limits, and allow semi-autos (personally, I don't agree with hunting, but I certainly don't want someone to take a bad shot and injure the target, but by the time they've rechambered, it's out of shot and left to suffer). So I would perhaps allow semi-automatic weapons with a capacity of up to 5 rounds. However, a Hunting FAC would consist of a tighter security check prior to issue. One way I might suggest is that one MUST be issues a sports certificate, and demonstrate a competent and responsible manner of shooting with a particular firearm on the range, under supervision, before being issued with a Hunting certificate. In fact, this could negate the need for semi-automatic weapons, if one would have to first demonstrate their abilities and show that they were competent enough not to require such a weapon.

For protection, this is something that I think is handled pretty well at current - you need to apply to the home office for this and give a valid reason (eg. you work for a VIP close-protection firm). I don't see much need for this to change, and with my system, I doubt the number of issued permits would differ much - it certainly wouldn't make it any easier to obtain, just more clear on the rules, by giving it its own category instead of hiding it away and having to phone up the home secretary. Mostly, the people who get these kinds of permits already work for an official security body and protect diplomats and government officials on select few jobs.

Post your ideas - ideally, I'd like if we could get a few different opinions down before the discussions and debates start.


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Re: Gun Control in the UK - Post Your Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2017, 03:08:08 AM »

Post your ideas - ideally, I'd like if we could get a few different opinions on Bingo Views down before the discussions and debates start.

This sounds reasonable at a first glance. Maybe I would make it a bit easier to get a permit for protection.
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