Author Topic: Shoulder Holster options S&W MP Shield 9mm  (Read 5615 times)


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Shoulder Holster options S&W MP Shield 9mm
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:03:30 PM »

I am looking for another holster to use during the wintertime.  I have an IWB holster, but with colder weather coming, and a desire to expand my holster collection I'm looking for options.


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Re: Shoulder Holster options S&W MP Shield 9mm
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 06:21:47 AM »
Galco makes the best shoulder holsters on the market IMHO. Have a Miami Classic purchased in 1980's when all things Miami Vice were coool that is still used most Sunday's plus any other time wear a sport coat or a suit. It carries a compact to full size 1911 horizontally under weak arm and two spare magazines under strong arm which gives not only spare ammo but balances the rig for super comfort. Have other shoulder rigs that will kink up due to weight of gun on one side causing it to shift thus need a tab to attach non gun side to belt. Galco makes several options of shoulder holster that allow mixing components for vertical or horizontal carry, spare magazines or not. Have a Galco Great Alaskan for my wheel gun. Will spend upwards of $200 on these rigs fully outfitted but worth every dime. Their Classic Lite at under $100 is budget friendly but unsure if it's a lifetime of comfort rig as do not own one.

When work in church security use my Miami Classic for a compact 1911 which is my backup and carry a rebuilt Unlimited IPSC 1911 from the 1980's with all new internals, magazine funnel, compensator and tritium front sight post. Rebuilt it specifically for a combat carry weapon that can easily place A zone hits in torso or head as needed from 75 feet across a large sanctuary. Always consider use of equipment well. In large venue with hundreds of panicking people running about will need a pistol that is precise and lots of practice to get the job done cleanly.

Every Saturday know am working a shift on Sunday put 100 rounds through my primary and 50 through my backup then clean each. After detail strip, cleaning and reassembly each pistol gets a full magazine of my carry ammo run to ensure were reassembled correctly, sights correct for carry ammo then pass a patch down bore, wipe down well, put fresh ammo in the mags shot and call it good to go. This keeps carry ammo fresh and ensures know its recoil impulse and it hits same poimt of impact as range ammo. I know some people that carry high dollar defense ammo that have never actually run a magazine of it due to its $40 per 20 round box cost. Know others who have same carry rounds in gun loaded up in magazine years ago. I try to eliminate all of Mr Murphy's little glitches with something as important as a defensive weapon. Normally shoot 300 rounds minimum through the week as have 60 foot indoor range at my office and feel constant practice is part of being prepared to use deadly force plus it's just good fun.