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Carrying in a no gun posted business, store, etc.

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This may be an ignorant question,,,So,,if I conceal carry in a business, bank, anywhere it is posted with a lined out circle and a gun in the middle at the entrance of the facility (I am obviously not educated on the correct term for the posting) , and I find myself in a defensive situation inside that facility and my life or someone else's life is in eminent danger, and I use my concealed weapon to ward off the bad guy, then will I still be able to use the services which I have paid for with US Law Shield to be defended in court of law?

If you are in Texas, that circle with gun and line mean absolutely nothing for a person with a concealed carry license.

I live in Kansas, and am only a few miles from Missouri,,,now what?


Texas has very specific requirements for a “no gun” sign to be effective. The Texas Penal Code sections 30.06 and 30.07 lay out these requirements including wording, letter sizes, color, location of posting, etc. In general, signs that do not comply with the requirements are not effective legal notice. Meaning you are still allowed to carry your handgun. Please note that a sign does not have to be 100% compliant to qualify as an effective sign. Just because the letters are 9/10ths of an inch does not mean the sign isn’t giving sufficient notice.

However, a picture of a gun with red circle with a line through it is NOT a legally effective sign. It could not even qualify as sufficiently compliant.  This means that you can lawfully carry your handgun past this sign.

Be aware that the owner of the building, or other person with authority such as a manager or security guard, can also give you verbal notice that they do not want you carrying your handgun. Verbal notice is effective legal notice and you will have to comply.

As independent program attorneys, we do not make coverage determinations. But, if you are lawfully carrying and you are required to use your handgun in self-defense, you will be covered. If you carry past a no gun sign that is not legally effective, such as the one you described, you are still lawfully carrying your handgun. That means your use of force in self-defense or defense of others will be covered by Texas Law Shield.

Would a  picture of a gun with red circle with a line through it on a store front in the state of Colorado be legal to carry into if you have
your CCW permit, and if someone asks if you are carrying in a store how would you answer that question.

Thank you for your time.


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