Author Topic: Is there an App for Texas/US Law Shield  (Read 25181 times)


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Re: Is there an App for Texas/US Law Shield
« Reply #15 on: December 13, 2018, 06:18:49 PM »
As a retired Texas law enforcement officer and use of force trainer, I'd suggest: Plan A: put the numbers in your speed dial - you may have access to them in some instances. Plan B: your phone is the target of the crime and against you and it's damaged or you loose possession or it's placed in evidence and you don't have access to it's features; so memorize the Tx-US L/S hotline and at least one significant contact. Leave written instructions somewhere for that significant person with the hotline number and whatever else you deem important in your "Plan."

I think the apps a good idea and it could possible work but considering the above it's only an addition to your plan - another tool in your so-called toolbox. These are the things that we learn and teach in defensive firearms training and I've mentioned them in some of the seminars around the San Antonio area. Whether or not this is worthwhile - well you decide.

~Bill McLennan
Det. (Retired)
San Antonio (TX) PD