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I have a LTC in Texas but was told by a friend that I am carrying illegally because I don't have the handgun in a holster. I know that for open carry it needs to be in a holster but is that also the case for concealed carry? I have a small 9mm that I keep in my front pocket. It is not possible to see the outline of the gun because I keep a small wallet in the pocket over the gun also.  Thanks.


A. I am NOT a lawyer!

B. AFAIK - the holster requirement is specifically related to OPEN carry

That's exactly what I think as well. I think my friend is confused because of the OC holster requirement.

I am reasonably sure Katfish is correct also. I have never seen anything that indicated to me a holster was required for concealed carry - only open carry.

Don't know anything about Texas law but have been told current regulations in Texas and Georgia are similar. For decades a holster of some type even for pocket carry was required and ankle holsters forbidden for all but law enforcement. Both of those rules have changed and no longer is a holster required in Georgia and ankle holsters are allowed. Now here is the issue. It was illegal for both so long and even stated so on our weapons license that many older law enforcement officers still believe both rules exist.

So while allowed, it's not uncommon for someone to at least be sternly warned and on occasion taken into the station if an enforcement officer is looking for an excuse. They invoke probable cause and may search a vehicle over this compounding the issue. At this point I would call the 1-877 number on the back of my U.S. Lawshield insurance card and wait for legal representation. But meantime may be sitting in a jail cell with real criminals while wait for the mistake in interpretation to be worked out so choose to follow rules many officers were taught in Post School pre 2010.

Because we had this law on the books for decades and have had a GWL/CWP for almost 34 years 30 of those required pocket holsters have quite the collection. Still put my backup when use a pocket pistol in a holster. First is due to habit, second due to avoid confusion with officers that still believe it's a law but most importantly the design of my holsters disguise the "printing" that there is obviously a gun in my pocket. Can slip a compact 380 in rear pocket and "prints" just like a fat wallet. If drop a S&W M60 or similar small frame wheelgun in front pocket doesn't show side of the cylinder as obvious, gun doesn't get pocket lint and chance of manipulating trigger in either instance as insert, remove or draw weapon is greatly reduced.

Have direct knowledge of three A.D.'s with injuries in law enforcement agencies, all involved a backup in a pocket and no holster. My favorite backup pistol is to this day an AMT 380 backup due to being small, flat and almost square. When it goes in its holster it is square as could want. Like the fact it has thumb and grip safety as well as a round of Hornady Critical Defense even in 380 acp running down through my rear end into thigh does not sound pleasant. Work part time (strictly for fun and employee discount) as gunsmith in a local gunship and number of folks coming in for three pound trigger kits in Glocks for carry stuns me, try to explain they are putting and IPSC/IDPA Unlimited part in a carry gun with no safety to a glazed over look. Advertising works.

A friend had to use his IFAK to save a man in another gun shops parking lot which does not allow loaded firearms in store. Retired gentleman was removing 9mm Glock from pocket and shot himself through hip with a Federal HST that entered hip and made exit low rump/high thigh area that EMT's and doctors said if not for immediate treatment with "Stop Bleed", adhesive bandages over wrapped with self adhesive gauze the man would have surely died. Every vehicle we own has an IFAK as do bedrooms, living room, gun room and reloading room. When go to range have an IFAK in my range bag. Man who shot himself had installed an aftermarket trigger, did not have pistol in holster nor an IFAK in his vehicle. That little digression is my free Christmas bonus.

Again been told Texas firearms law and Georgia laws are so similar at this point that if in either, follow rules your used to and will likely be o.k. but suggest research laws anytime going to a fresh state. Well designed pocket holsters make carry safer, more discreet, keep gun free of debris and reduce chance encounter with old school law enforcement. I see nothing but upside and no negative issues from the use of one and doubt I will ever skip a proper holster for pocket carry. That said, everyone has an opinion and right to it. Won't say it doesn't happen but every accidental self inflicted gunshot I know of involving a pocket gun victim was not using a holster. Never heard first hand of a pocket gun A.D. when pocket holster was in use. Sure if did a fat Google search could find contradictory information on both sides of my reasoning but first person accounts of an incident carry more impact with me.


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