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Conceal Carry with Basketball Shorts


 New to the conceal carry culture and was wonder if anyone had any suggestions on a holster that would hold well in some basketball shorts. I usually wear basketball shorts when I'm out doing some basic errands or just walking my dog and would obviously like to carry my weapon as well. I've done some looking into it and saw that a belly band was an options but I'm not too fond of a belly band and would prefer a holster instead. I'm currently carrying a S&W M&P Shield in a Blackhawk ARC holster when I have pants with a belt loop in them but would like a second holster for my basketball shorts or sweat pants. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I sometimes carry my shield in a Smart Carry pouch. Somewhat like a belly band but carries weapon low in front at or just below belt line. Conceals very well, very comfortable standing or walking but not quite as comfortable when setting.

thanks for the advice, ill look into it but would like something that would be comfortable sitting as well. Saw some holsters that have a "sticky" pad? Does anyone have any experience with these?

Only thing I can think of are the grips with clip built in. I can't imagine trying to carry a gun using shorts or sweats with nothing but elastic band for support of weapon. Remember guns sometimes discharge when dropped. SIG is going through a big issue with some handguns discharging if dropped. Quite a few older model guns and even new designs have flaws that allow discharge upon dropping. Might have to make a different clothing choice.

I sometime pocket carry if need to be super low profile but 99% of time if outside of house wearing a belt so firearm has proper support. Also have to consider how difficult to draw weapon may be without a stable platform. Maybe a shoulder holster with light jacket or just a loose baggy shirt. Georgia allows open carry and when working outside on hot day I usually carry open. Keep a baggy short sleeve shirt in truck and long sleeve in winter to pull on without buttoning if need to cover gun. It would work fine with a shoulder rig.


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