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Open and loaded carry of a rifle (long gun)


Hello, I'm new to the forum and had some questions about open carrying a semi-automatic rifle for self defense. This may sound odd, but I live in MD and do not have a Wear and Carry handgun permit, nor do I plan on being successful in satisfying the good and substantial reasoning for obtaining one.  I'm not being funny or plan on touting myself around downtown, but I do wish to exercise what little right I have left to defend my family while out of our home.  I may be way off base here, so thank you in advance for your patience.

1) Can I open carry a non - banned firearm, as listed on the Maryland State Police website?

2) Can I carry mentioned firearm while loaded?

I can't seem to find much info on this, and I'm beginning to wonder if that is due to brandishing a weapon type violations. 

Thanks for your help,

No. MD says you need to have permits to open carry unless law enforcement, basically.

You may open carry hunting shotgun or rifle though if non-banned for/while hunting, but thatís about it unless you fit some other exception.


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