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General Contractor on Public School Property LTC vehicle Carry


Please forgive me as this question/scenario has probably been brought up.

I am a superintendent for a general contractor whose projects are primarily for Texas school districts. I have read several posts regarding vehicle carry on school property. I do not ever carry inside school/admin buildings. I would prefer to carry on my person to the district property and prior to exiting the vehicle  lock the handgun in a gun safe permanently affixed to the rear floor board of my truck. Basically I wouldn't open the truck door until the handgun is safely secured.

For the record is it legal for a person with a LTC to have a gun in his/her vehicle secured and out of sight on Texas school district property while there is students on site either in class or attending some extracurricular activity?

Might put this question on the "Ask the Lawyers" part of this forum for an official answer. I am not a lawyer, but as I understand the law, a person with a LTC is legal to have a weapon on school property as long as it is not in a building or where school activities are being held. I don't see a problem with how you have been handling the situation.


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