Author Topic: Does Texas law treat the Mossberg Shockwave as a Handgun or a Long Gun?  (Read 1415 times)


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OK, as of Sept 1 last year, the Shockwave is legal in Texas. But legal as what? If its not legally a handgun under Texas law it may be carried openly in your vehicle. But if its a Handgun under Texas law it must be in a belt or shoulder holster (which isn't practical with the Shockwave while driving) or it must not be in "plain sight."

So, can a Shockwave "non NFA thing" be transported openly in your car or must it be in a case or otherwise not in plain sight?


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You are correct that the Mossberg Shockwave is not classified as a shotgun (otherwise its length would render it an NFA item). The ATF was clear that the Mossberg Shockwave IS a firearm and IS NOT a short-barreled shotgun. Some people speculate this item may be a pistol. But the federal definition “designed to be fired with one hand,” does not perfectly fit the Mossberg Shockwave, which is capable of being fired with one hand but probably not designed to do so. Similarly, in Texas, this gun most closely falls under the category of a handgun, but it is still unclear. Because there is no judicial or administrative guidance on the classification of the Shockwave, we recommend concealing it in a case or sheath or transporting it in your trunk.