Author Topic: Off-duty carry by officers. Is today THE day?  (Read 8369 times)


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Off-duty carry by officers. Is today THE day?
« on: June 14, 2018, 10:14:21 PM »
As many officers across America can attest to, not every officer will carry a gun off-duty. Crazy as it seems, there are still reports of those who think it best to "hang the gun up" and go home. Since pinning the badge on in 1995 I can count the times on one hand I have left home without my off-duty weapon on my person. I have served for over 23 years as of the date of this article. Last year while shopping for a few items at Costco in Lenexa, KS I realized this was THE day. I had arrived at the store only to find as I was making my way to the registers, a flood of panicking shoppers were quickly running past me, screaming, "He's got a gun!"

I found a manager, identified myself as an officer, and went to work. The male subject who entered the store focused on finding, stalking, and killing or wounding people, was met by me. I ordered him to drop the weapon, but instead, he chose to fight. I fired, I went home to my family. No innocent shoppers or employees were injured in any way. Always, always, always carry people! If you are trained, seek additional training. If you are new to the concept of concealed carry and self defense, TRAIN!!!!