Author Topic: Storing Gun in vehicle at school (LTC Holder) if Loaded Illegal?  (Read 51 times)


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I saw this in an employee handbook for a local school district and although I thougth a housebill now allowed teachers to store their conceal carry firearm in the vehicle while at work, it looks like that comes with certain additional requirements that make it very difficult.

Here is the verbage from the employee handbook I saw:

SB 1566 of the 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature prohibits districts from placing restrictions on the
transportation or storage of a handgun, firearm, or ammunition
by a person who holds a license to carry a
handgun. Storage or transportation in a privately owned or leased vehicle is permissible as long as the item(s)
are not in plain view. The Federal Gun Free School Zones Act also requires items to be properly stored and

So does this mean, if I as a teacher were to store my handgun in my vehicle's mounted gun safe that is mounted inside of the vehicle, but left my gun loaded with one in the chamber (which is how I normally carry it) I would be breaking the law?

I hope that isn't the case, because that would mean I need to unload the round from the chamber, and unload the magazine everytime I go to work, and the reload it after I get off school property in case I need it.  This seems odd, can you clarify what I would need to do to carry to work, store my weapon, and be in complience with the law?  Thanks a million.

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