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Military Dependent Gun Purchase in TX
« on: December 14, 2014, 08:18:11 PM »
Can anyone provide me with the specific law for military or military dependents to purchase weapons in Texas? I am a dependent and recently pawned a weapon (I know, very bad idea) while stationed in TX. We are ready to PCS and when I went to pick up the weapon I was told that I MUST have an ID with a LOCAL address on it for the background check. This was not disclosed to me at the time of pawn and the pawn shop manager could not prove that I signed anything stating that I acknowledged such a thing. My ID is from CA. I have a military dependent ID, mail with my local address and my spouses orders bringing us to TX. The manager said that I CAN NOT get my weapon back without a local ID and he supposedly called his higher up who said the same thing.  I've always understood it to be that all that was needed was orders and a miltary  ID. I feel taken advantage of and am short on time, as we leave to our next duty station in 2 weeks.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Military Dependent Gun Purchase in TX
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Unfortunately, the pawn shop is correct about the law. Even though you previously owned the gun, and everybody to the transaction knew you had every intention of getting it back, the law treats the transaction as a brand new sale of a firearm. This means that the pawn shop is prohibited from selling the gun to anyone who is not a resident of Texas. That said, it sounds like the pawn shop may have committed fraud by not explaining that law to you when you pawned the gun. You may want to contact a consumer fraud attorney to see if you have a claim against the pawn shop for failing to disclose this to you. Also, I would recommend filing a complaint about the lack of notice with the Texas Attorney Generalís office. If this is a common practice by the pawn shop, the AG will consider filing a lawsuit against them to stop it. You can submit an AG complaint online at this address: ... lain.shtml
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