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What's the Best Gun for Concealed Carry?

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Hi all,

I'm about to take my CHL class and want to get something I know I will actually carry. If I buy something too bulky or to heavy, I'll probably just end up leaving it at home.

I'm thinking about getting a Ruger LCP 380, but wanted to know what other options I should be considering in a similar price range.

Any recommendations?

Don't buy such a whimpy gun.... .45 cal full size 1911 by Nighthawk is the ONLY OPTION


you are thinking correctly.  Pick a gun that you like and will likely carry.  

There is not that much difference between a good quality hollow point .380 and the .45.  (Personally, I like my S&W 500, but it is not a good carry gun. :) )

Sig. 224, Glock 26, Glock 42 (yes, it will it a person to), and Kimber 1911 Crimson Carry

There is no "best gun" for concealed carry. It's all going to depend on your body and what you are comfortable with. While we all have our preferences, there is no one size fits all. For thinner build men and women, I recommend something similar to the Ruger LCP you mentioned (although I prefer the LC9). Glock makes amazing weapons and I have several, but even the "baby" glocks may not work well for someone with a thin frame who wishes to appendix carry. Likewise, if you're a larger build, wear cover garments, or intend to use under arm style holsters, you may wish to go with a full size gun. I think the important aspects to examine are these:
What can you comfortably conceal?
What caliber are you satisfied with?
How much are you willing(able) to spend?


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