Author Topic: FL Question: When Does the Threat of Deadly Force Begin? (F.S. 776.013)  (Read 2122 times)


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When someone is faced with a potential attacker, it seems there is a continuum of responses.

Example: an individual who appeared homeless begins to approach you outside convenience store or while you are in the process of pumping gas (this happened to me recently).

My first response is to raise one hand and tell them to stop right there.  If the individual continues to approach me regardless I then have a number of possible responses if I elect not to try to get in my car.  This is problematic if you have the gas hose in your car.   

It seems somewhere on the list below one crosses the line to threaten deadly force.  Please advise.

1.    Telling the person you have a gun without displaying it
2.    Telling the person you have a gun and you will shoot them without
        displaying it
3.    Removing a cover garment to expose/display a handgun, but not touching
4.   Exposing the handgun and gripping it, but not removing it from the holster.
5.    Drawing a handgun from its holster but not pointing it toward the
6.    Drawing a handgun and pointing it at the individual.