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RV travel to the northeast US.
« on: April 05, 2014, 08:35:05 AM »
We are full time RVers and will be spending May through September in the north and eastern USA.  Looks like in New York state I am pretty much out of luck to even transport my pistols in the state.  I have a small gun safe in the RV (5th wheel trailer and truck( and can lock the unloaded pistols in the safe and then lock the ammo and magazines in the tool box in the back of the truck.

But as I read the NY info, I can only stop for fuel food and a quick nap in NY.  NY pretty much cuts off the New England area.  We will spend 3 months in Maine and also spend time in New Hampshire and Vermont.  We will also be spending a few days in IL, OH, IN and PA.

Looks like I need to just leave my pistols with my son-in-law here in Houston and travel unarmed.  Or could I get a defensive shotgun to carry when traveling.

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Re: RV travel to the northeast US.
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2014, 10:25:34 AM »
Hey TXiceman,

Good question.

With regard to NY, you are correct; if your guns are unloaded and locked in a secure case at the rearmost part of the vehicle, you can “travel” through a state that otherwise wouldn’t let you possess a handgun. Traveling usually means just that, and if you stop for even a nap (as one unfortunate soul in New Jersey discovered, and sat in prison many years as a result) it could terminate the “traveling”.  Therefore if you are passing through NY or NJ, make sure you stop as little as humanly possible.
One thing you could consider is renting a storage unit in Vermont, and storing your guns there if you want to hang out in New York or New Jersey, as they have good gun laws.

Hope that helps.
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