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Carry at Church
« on: February 22, 2014, 07:00:57 PM »
Good evening gents!  

The new website design is looking great!  I'm a brand new TLS member, actually go my membership card today, and have a quick question.  As a CHL I know that we can carry at places of worship unless they are posted 30.06.  My question is when a church also has a large accredited private school (Grades K-12) on the property, how does that impact things?  The school has classrooms in the same building as the church sanctuary...  so I've decided not to carry there based on my layperson interpretation of the law.

I emailed the church office to solicit permission to carry on Sunday's and received the following response:

Thanks for your question about CHL's and carrying on the campus.  As you mentioned, we do not post signs indicated people cannot carry on the campus as we feel that is an invitation for individuals to make us a target for terrorist activity by advertising no-one is carrying on our campus.

You are also correct about the school, that you cannot carry on a school campus even with a CHL unless you have written permission. We interpret that as when the school is in session which is primarily Monday through Friday 7:00 am to approx 9pm with athletics, fine arts and other activities and many Saturdays.  During Sunday's there is no school activities and do not consider it a school campus, thus technically CHL holders could carry on a Sunday.  

When we get this question from CHL's we also want to advise them however, that we do have both uniformed and undercover officers on duty at all times throughout the facility.  In the event an emergency situation should arise that might require someone to pull a weapon, to be extremely careful as they be taken down by one of our officers believing they were a threat.  

I hope this answers your questions and let me know if you have any others.
Do you believe this explanation would suffice as "permission" to carry on the property on Sunday mornings?  Any advice would be most appreciated!
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Re: Carry at Church
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Yes, it would appear that it would be perfectly fine to carry on Sundays.
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Re: Carry at Church
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Thanks for the response!
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