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Gun Talk / Re: Conceal Carry with Basketball Shorts
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:19:51 AM »
Only thing I can think of are the grips with clip built in. I can't imagine trying to carry a gun using shorts or sweats with nothing but elastic band for support of weapon. Remember guns sometimes discharge when dropped. SIG is going through a big issue with some handguns discharging if dropped. Quite a few older model guns and even new designs have flaws that allow discharge upon dropping. Might have to make a different clothing choice.

I sometime pocket carry if need to be super low profile but 99% of time if outside of house wearing a belt so firearm has proper support. Also have to consider how difficult to draw weapon may be without a stable platform. Maybe a shoulder holster with light jacket or just a loose baggy shirt. Georgia allows open carry and when working outside on hot day I usually carry open. Keep a baggy short sleeve shirt in truck and long sleeve in winter to pull on without buttoning if need to cover gun. It would work fine with a shoulder rig.

I have been self employed most of my life but for five years was a subcontractor for company that had a no firearms policy on company property or in company vehicles off property. As contractor the company vehicle policy was no issue but when at warehouse picking up product or on clients jobsite posted as "weapons free" tried to be discreet,  kept guns in vehicle gunsafe and mustered on. Has your company ever searched employee vehicles? Only heard of that on secure facilities that do dot gov work or nuclear power planfs, etc. If they do not have history or policy of searching my advice would be mount gunsafe in vehicle so if have break in less likely to have to add a missing firearm to police report telling on yourself. All of my vehicles have a police style lock for long gun and small lock box for handguns use when park in area will be out of site of truck for long period of time. Oddly only times have ever had items stolen was tools out of back of truck at church.

Gun Talk / Re: What's the Best Gun for Concealed Carry?
« on: December 03, 2017, 07:27:27 AM »
Not only have I carried concealed for 34+ years, worked in gun shops, shot competative IPSC/IDPA and teach defensive firearms classes to newbies the best carry gun is an unanswerable question. Recently had a female student who was a long distance runner and of very slight build. She wanted to carry a gun but on 10 to 25 mile training runs was not going to carry anything heavy. I always try to expose my students to at least a dozen firearms before they purchase their carry gun. My smallest and lightest 380's she liked the weight but had issues with ergonomics of a semi auto. Also recoil was an issue with her size. She is carrying a "Scandium" S&W 351 PD in 22 Mag. At 10 ounces unloaded and we'll under a pound loaded with Hornady Critical Defense FTX. In this case the gun carried beats the gun left at home or in car.

I generally carry a SIG 2022 in 40 Smith with tritium sights as my work gun due to harsh environment. Whenever not working carry a 1911 Government Model. Usually have a 5" full size or even a 6" long slide as my primary and a SIG 1911 Double Nickle Compact as a backup since use same ammo and magazines. Other days will still carry a 5 shot 3" barrel 44 Special with two speed loaders. On even rarer days might catch me with a 9mm Hi Power or SIG but am very selective in 9mm ammo choices as feel it's a minimum caliber and why for competative use falls in minor cartridge division. Sometimes when have to be ultra discreet carry an AMT 380 Backup of which own seven as wife loves them for size and we stash them everwhere, especially when riding motorcycles. Mine are 100% reliabe as all carry guns get 500 rounds fired before trusted with my life. Any glitches are addressed with good gun smithing.

My wife who has a degenerative bone disease carries a Walther PK380 with Hornady Critical Defense as a primary most times but in her truck there is a 5.728 AR 15 in police style lock under back seat. She has three of the Walthers, all well shot and two required some smith work for 100% reliability and a pair of Colt Diamondbacks she confiscated when discovered how slick they shoot loaded with the low recoil Hornady Critical Defense with pink tips. It's offered in 380, 38 and 9mm with all still in her ability to shoot. She keeps a SIG 9mm with the low recoil Critical Defense and an Osprey suppressor on night stand.

Have clients that often choose a compact carry in 380 or 9mm and duty size 9mm or 40 Smith for home defense. So here is the conundrum... Asking which gun is best for CCW is like asking someone what is their favorite Sunday evening meal or favorite movie. I can run a dozen couples through a private class and have the twelve women choose one or two weapons totalling 16 models and men do the same. Try to get them trained on best concealed carry for each and a single duty size for home defense they share. Doesn't always work out like that. My 77 year old mother carries a S&W M-60 in 38 Special and after 40 years can shoot your left eye out from any distance someone is a threat.

Thus I suggest a class or finding a collector or group where can try a myriad of choices. Ranges that rent a wide variety of handguns is another answer. Not only should a handgun be comfortable to carry but comfortable to shoot. It needs to fit a person's individual needs and they need to practice with it regularly and take a class if new to carry. I mention Hornady Critical Defense ammunition often as its good stuff, reliable expansion and available in have hitting Critical Duty, slightly lighter Critical Defense and the pink tipped low recoil flavor. All tests well for me. If want a more budget friendly ammunition the Federal HST is also a go-to choice for me and recommend often. So not only is the question what is best handgun but also best ammunition and best holster or method of carry. I have several dozen holsters, not all can invest over $1,000 in leather choices.

Also there are special circumstances that might dictate your carry handgun. Like the lady long distance runner being tasked with the 10 ounce 22 Magnum a person fly fishing in Alaska might need a 454 Casull Magnum or 500 Smith. Someone mentioned a while back in this thread having issues with 380 acp pocket pistols. Have seen many that were goofy and many that were perfect. Why it's suggested a few hundred rounds minimum be fired through any carry gun purchased to learn it's nuances and all aspects of your personal situation considered. While I find a 380 marginal, with modern ammunition it beats no gun but only if it functions and hits what aim at. Have seen many men come in gun sfores, buy a 1911 in 45 and bring back to trade in due to issues with recoil in under two weeks.

Why all new gun owners should test drive, not just hold in a gun shop any handgun they might consider purchasing unless can afford to keep buying till get it right in the interest of building a collection. Then your tasked with finding amunitions it likes, not all guns like all ammo plus correct holster. How is that for narrowing down your choice. Why my students handle a minimum of a dozen handguns and sometimes upwards of twenty different choices before settle on what they feel comfortable using, carrying and defending your life.

Gun Talk / Re: Shoulder Holster options S&W MP Shield 9mm
« on: December 03, 2017, 06:21:47 AM »
Galco makes the best shoulder holsters on the market IMHO. Have a Miami Classic purchased in 1980's when all things Miami Vice were coool that is still used most Sunday's plus any other time wear a sport coat or a suit. It carries a compact to full size 1911 horizontally under weak arm and two spare magazines under strong arm which gives not only spare ammo but balances the rig for super comfort. Have other shoulder rigs that will kink up due to weight of gun on one side causing it to shift thus need a tab to attach non gun side to belt. Galco makes several options of shoulder holster that allow mixing components for vertical or horizontal carry, spare magazines or not. Have a Galco Great Alaskan for my wheel gun. Will spend upwards of $200 on these rigs fully outfitted but worth every dime. Their Classic Lite at under $100 is budget friendly but unsure if it's a lifetime of comfort rig as do not own one.

When work in church security use my Miami Classic for a compact 1911 which is my backup and carry a rebuilt Unlimited IPSC 1911 from the 1980's with all new internals, magazine funnel, compensator and tritium front sight post. Rebuilt it specifically for a combat carry weapon that can easily place A zone hits in torso or head as needed from 75 feet across a large sanctuary. Always consider use of equipment well. In large venue with hundreds of panicking people running about will need a pistol that is precise and lots of practice to get the job done cleanly.

Every Saturday know am working a shift on Sunday put 100 rounds through my primary and 50 through my backup then clean each. After detail strip, cleaning and reassembly each pistol gets a full magazine of my carry ammo run to ensure were reassembled correctly, sights correct for carry ammo then pass a patch down bore, wipe down well, put fresh ammo in the mags shot and call it good to go. This keeps carry ammo fresh and ensures know its recoil impulse and it hits same poimt of impact as range ammo. I know some people that carry high dollar defense ammo that have never actually run a magazine of it due to its $40 per 20 round box cost. Know others who have same carry rounds in gun loaded up in magazine years ago. I try to eliminate all of Mr Murphy's little glitches with something as important as a defensive weapon. Normally shoot 300 rounds minimum through the week as have 60 foot indoor range at my office and feel constant practice is part of being prepared to use deadly force plus it's just good fun.

General Firearms Law Discussion / Re: Proper Concealed Carry Question
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:27:29 AM »
Don't know anything about Texas law but have been told current regulations in Texas and Georgia are similar. For decades a holster of some type even for pocket carry was required and ankle holsters forbidden for all but law enforcement. Both of those rules have changed and no longer is a holster required in Georgia and ankle holsters are allowed. Now here is the issue. It was illegal for both so long and even stated so on our weapons license that many older law enforcement officers still believe both rules exist.

So while allowed, it's not uncommon for someone to at least be sternly warned and on occasion taken into the station if an enforcement officer is looking for an excuse. They invoke probable cause and may search a vehicle over this compounding the issue. At this point I would call the 1-877 number on the back of my U.S. Lawshield insurance card and wait for legal representation. But meantime may be sitting in a jail cell with real criminals while wait for the mistake in interpretation to be worked out so choose to follow rules many officers were taught in Post School pre 2010.

Because we had this law on the books for decades and have had a GWL/CWP for almost 34 years 30 of those required pocket holsters have quite the collection. Still put my backup when use a pocket pistol in a holster. First is due to habit, second due to avoid confusion with officers that still believe it's a law but most importantly the design of my holsters disguise the "printing" that there is obviously a gun in my pocket. Can slip a compact 380 in rear pocket and "prints" just like a fat wallet. If drop a S&W M60 or similar small frame wheelgun in front pocket doesn't show side of the cylinder as obvious, gun doesn't get pocket lint and chance of manipulating trigger in either instance as insert, remove or draw weapon is greatly reduced.

Have direct knowledge of three A.D.'s with injuries in law enforcement agencies, all involved a backup in a pocket and no holster. My favorite backup pistol is to this day an AMT 380 backup due to being small, flat and almost square. When it goes in its holster it is square as could want. Like the fact it has thumb and grip safety as well as a round of Hornady Critical Defense even in 380 acp running down through my rear end into thigh does not sound pleasant. Work part time (strictly for fun and employee discount) as gunsmith in a local gunship and number of folks coming in for three pound trigger kits in Glocks for carry stuns me, try to explain they are putting and IPSC/IDPA Unlimited part in a carry gun with no safety to a glazed over look. Advertising works.

A friend had to use his IFAK to save a man in another gun shops parking lot which does not allow loaded firearms in store. Retired gentleman was removing 9mm Glock from pocket and shot himself through hip with a Federal HST that entered hip and made exit low rump/high thigh area that EMT's and doctors said if not for immediate treatment with "Stop Bleed", adhesive bandages over wrapped with self adhesive gauze the man would have surely died. Every vehicle we own has an IFAK as do bedrooms, living room, gun room and reloading room. When go to range have an IFAK in my range bag. Man who shot himself had installed an aftermarket trigger, did not have pistol in holster nor an IFAK in his vehicle. That little digression is my free Christmas bonus.

Again been told Texas firearms law and Georgia laws are so similar at this point that if in either, follow rules your used to and will likely be o.k. but suggest research laws anytime going to a fresh state. Well designed pocket holsters make carry safer, more discreet, keep gun free of debris and reduce chance encounter with old school law enforcement. I see nothing but upside and no negative issues from the use of one and doubt I will ever skip a proper holster for pocket carry. That said, everyone has an opinion and right to it. Won't say it doesn't happen but every accidental self inflicted gunshot I know of involving a pocket gun victim was not using a holster. Never heard first hand of a pocket gun A.D. when pocket holster was in use. Sure if did a fat Google search could find contradictory information on both sides of my reasoning but first person accounts of an incident carry more impact with me.

General Firearms Law Discussion / Re: Squatters in Colorado
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:32:29 AM »
While not a resident of Colorado or a lawyer I would say the owner unfortunately has to follow the letter of the law or risk a criminal charge that might cost them their right to own or carry a firearm. As an owner of multiple rental properties from a hotel in the past to rental homes and commercial property once someone has occupied a property, a legal eviction is sometimes the only option. In the hotel was able to fairly roughly remove someone that refused to pay or leave but in houses the Georgia rules are much different. Even if tenant has no written lease and paid no money it generally takes 90 days to go through the process.

During 2008 through 2012 while the economy was so bad after evicting a few people from homes we owned began doing it for a couple local banks. They were giving us multiple houses per week and our hard rule was until a local law enforcement agent met us with a judges order for eviction the people were not approached. The day law enforcement was scheduled had a licensed locksmith to open front door and officer was first to enter. Even with knocking, loud verbal orders to open and cars in driveway we usually found people in the house. One particular house there was a BMW 735, Mercedes S class and new Honda Goldwing in the garage. Found former owners wife hiding in a closet protecting a floor safe. She was Asian, had poor English skills and when officer told her to move vehicles from garage she claimed could not drive. We did not know if legally allowed to move vehicles, officer didn't know but wife handed over the keys and deputy said in his opinion that implied permission to move them onto street. Husband showed up in middle of this wearing a custom business suit and driving a Porsche Cayenne. Was a very strange time as most of our "jobs" were million dollar homes in gated communities. One property was occupied by a lawyer and took bank over a year to get a judge to issue eviction orders. That man tried to go Kujo on us but a dozen burly men, law enforcement plus my brother and I wearing overt armor openly carrying weapons got us through a few sketchy evictions and don't even ask about our six months of car repossesion.

We generally had four hours before law enforcement left, house was to be empty and locks changed. Would have a dozen or more temps to help and immediately on officer entering and serving papers had all furniture on Right of Way of road and off property, vehicles parked on street while locksmith changed locks. Was an interesting time but even in houses we owned learned real fast letter of law is to be followed. Being a regular visitor to Colorado (at least twice a year for over 25 years) have learned it's taken quite a California type liberal political turn. I would for sure go through a legal eviction unless local sheriff or police chief was best friend and sent officers to treat it as a burglary or home invasion. Boulder is strife with transients that rent mini-storage space, convert it to residential then stop paying rent and ride out their free 90 day legal eviction time. Go to towns like Ward and will find squatters living in shacks made of cardboard or holes dug in side of a hill. Unfortunately feel in urban areas is another lost state.

No matter the state, once initial call is made to law enforcement would never exceed the decision officers on scene were willing to enforce. If they dont remove people then lawyers are your best option. Otherwise might find the squatters winning ownership of home in civil court action. It's unfortunate but owning the property does not give one the right to do as please in all situations. We purchased a mobile home park when doing rental houses and hotel with the best day of life being the day last of it was sold except for commercial properties where occupants must keep business licenses and occupancy permits current which usually aids in legally removing them as usually are in default on their business permitting or licensing when stop paying their rent.

Ask the Lawyers / Church Security Website Help, Please!!!
« on: November 30, 2017, 09:28:45 AM »
This is not a plug for my new website but appeal for help.

Saw the thread asking about Florida church security laws and am wrestling with same subject in Georgia. Have spent over two decades doing volunteer security in whatever church the Lord had me in at the time. Remember in late 1960's when following an incident in our family church in Marietta GA, went with my father to buy his first handgun. He was a deacon of a very large church and following the incident which as a second grader do not remember any details, but going to the gun store with dad is ingrained in my mind. All deacons armed themselves and were the church security as thus seen it as an issue going back to childhood. My father was deacon till death and always carried in church.

I joined US Law shield when realized church was acting Head of Security with a dozen men under me had "opted out", dropped their written approval for carry on campus without telling the team. Spent two weeks trying to resolve the issue and due to budget issues staff said they could not afford to "opt in" or form a legal Blue Card armed security team. Felt forced to resign as was the scapegoat if staff claimed had no idea a group was violating church rules and conducting security work post incident.

Pastor asked team to keep their posts based on his verbal permission but in no way could I get a document, email or even text message saying had permission to carry on campus. 27 paid staff members but wanted free security team and not carry additional insurance to "opt in" so we were walking past weapons free campus signs. As Head of Security they had been to several security classes where taught what my church has was doing violated Georgia law. I hated leaving my decade of service and church home over this but felt I could not break state law because pastor and staff wanted to save money on churches liability insurance.

Right now discussing taking same position with eight churches that have a positive "opt in" policy but say cannot afford to certify security team with Georgia Blue Cards for armed security guards. My information says paid or volunteer, if working on a "armed team", then certification is required but information came from training consultants not lawyers. Since the recent church shooting in Texas decided to use my knowledge to build a totally free website to help churches build quality security teams and procedures. It is currently running as a sub domain of an old website I have and until the Texas event was working on an AR 15 website which have put on hold.

Once the site is at least halfway to point I want am keeping on my personal server but once have it polished plan to host on dedicated server out of my pocket. I really need people well versed or at least know the basics of what a church can and cannot do in a particular state to write a page or more concerning their laws on church security. I cannot afford to pay lawyers in dozens of states for this but would give links on any pages they offered to their site or sites of their choosing. Have U.S. Lawshield link on my links page already. To see what have done in past few weeks go to and all feedback is appreciated. Whether legal advice, tactics or documentation. Will take articles from experienced church security team members as well.

Have caught sexual predators, faced people with intent to shoot up a church and team was able to control the situation with nobody hurt nor service interrupted. Want to take a new post but until feel confident in legal requirements am hesitant to find myself in a legal mess because improperly informed. Also don't want to pass up an opportunity to help due to unmerited legal paranoia. All advice, help and corrections are appreciated. My best web address for this project is on the website. Blessings to all y'all holding a post and hope to be back in the game soon. Meantime will keep working on gathering information and posting it. My ultimate goal is a state by state database with legal implications of operating an internal volunteer church security team using CWL holders.

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