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I read the guidelines here:

So I'm clear of the instructions if I own a car.
However, I own a pickup and I also have a safe installed in the center console. (this exact model)

Would I still be breaking the law by storing a gun (or ammo) in this secure spot that would not be accessible by anyone besides myself with the combination and key?
Would it make a difference if I store a gun here that it in another secure safe like this one?


Ask the Lawyers / Hollow points (JHP) for home defense in NJ?
« on: July 31, 2017, 08:08:29 AM »
I'm a new member of the US Law Shield family and as the title states this is a question that always seems to come up for residents on NJ.

So I'm looking for a definitive answer to the question from any NJ firearm law expert.

Are JHPs legal to use in NJ in a home defense situation? (assuming all other points of a NJ home defense firearm's discharge are cleared)


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